The student’s accommodation is in the 3 dormitories which are fitted with secure and easily accessible entrances on either side. Behind the dormitories is the student’s ablution block, students showers, washing areas, water points and rust-free clothing lines.
Every dorm is monitored in terms of population, cleanliness and security by the Dorm Captains and their assistants, Patrons and the Boarding Master.
Dorm assessment is carried out every day and inspection is done on a weekly basis.



The students are involved in various games and sporting activities which are coordinated by the Games Department. These activities consist of: volleyball, basketball, football rugby, baseball, badminton, table tennis, road tennis, swimming, athletics and field events.
Students compete during the interclass and interdorm competitions.
Trainings take place on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.



The issues affecting students and their welfare are channelled to the administration through the dorm patrons, class patrons, and prefect’s body and through the schools Journalism Club news presentations every Monday and Friday.
The guidance and counselling department offer support to students in various ways. Motivational speakers are invited to talk to students from time to time.
The school conducts open forums dedicated to discussing and charting the way forward regarding students welfare.

The students elect their prefects in a democratic and transparent manner.
Cases of indiscipline are dealt with decisively by the discipline committee headed by the deputy principal. Other communications to the students are done through assembly announcements and the students notice boards.


The students come together and associate under the different clubs in the school. The clubs are fully managed by student officials elected by the members. Members are registered upon payment of the membership fees. The clubs are moderated by Patrons who are teachers in the school.

We have the following fully established clubs and their Patrons:
1. Environmental club – Headed by Ms. Muthui Evelyne
2. Journalism club – Headed by Mr. Musili D.
This club consists of like-minded students who develop talents in others members such as artwork, language skills, debating and essay writing. The club presents news to the whole school during assemblies which take place on Monday and Friday.
3. Swimming club – Headed by Mr. Towett
4. Science club – Headed by Mr. Nyamai M.
5. Mathematics club – Headed by Mr. Mutwii


This entails religious groups that bring together students allied to the same faith. They include:

  • The Young Christian Society (YCS) – Brings together students who are Catholic. The Patron is Mrs. Mwangangi who’s assisted by Mr. Kithinzi M.
  • The Christian Union (C.U) – This union brings together all students who are in the Protestants group of churches. The Patron is Mr. Kivara William.
  • Muslim League – Brings together the Muslim faithfuls.